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Social Responsibility

The Hastings YMCA is a cause driven organization that focuses on social responsibility to strengthen our community by investing in our youth, our health and our neighbors by giving back and supporting one another and empowering people to lead healthier lives together in spirit, mind and body.

The Hastings Y is also a great place to learn the value of social responsibility, through a variety of programs and services designed to instill and strengthen a love of community, and the significance of our place in the world.

Volunteering & Giving

The Hastings YMCA relies on support from members, donors, volunteers and community leaders in order to achieve our mission of providing services for everyone.  By your volunteerism with the Y, you can play an important role in positively impacting people in our community.  Volunteer Roles include but are not limited to:

  • Participation in opportunities which support our community
  • Coaching and mentoring with youth sports
  • Teaching and assisting in YMCA fitness classes
  • Extending a hand and heart to help those who want to do more and live healthier
  • Serving on our board and steering committees
  • Raising funds to ensure the Y is accessible to everyone in our community

     When you give to the Y, you are supporting life-changing programs that help children, adults and families thrive in our community.  


Fullfilling Our Cause  

The Hastings YMCA believes that in order to bring about meaningful, positive lifestyle change, individuals need ongoing support and skills.  

  • In addition to awarding over $75,000 in scholarships for memberships and programs to individuals and families unable to afford to expierience the Y, the Hastings YMCA also offers free memberships to the families of military depoloyment and to individuals over the age of 80.
  • ASK-Y (After School Kids at the YMCA) is a program built on partnership with the Y and area grocery stores to provide snacks to all school age children visiting the Y after school to counter the discovery that many children have nothing to eat between lunches served at school and being reunited with parents in the evening
  • The Hastings Y partners with Hastings Middle School and The Zone to offer bus transportation after school to middle school youth.


Instilling Out Cause

  • Y-Teen Volunteerism is a week long summer program that encourages teens to impact thier community be giving of themselves, enabling them to realize their potential and foster a service to community ethic.
  • YMCA internships offer students the experience of our unique environment and the gain of knowledge to embrace future endeavors.
  • By partnering with a cooperative spirit to support other agencies in thier missions, the Y believes we make Hastings a great place to play, work, worship and call home.  The Hastings YMCA supports all area non-profits in thier important work by providing more than $50,000 in services annually.
  • The YMCA encourages all staff to engage in volunteerism both within and outside of our walls.  Volunteersim is at the core of our Y's existence, and we feel it is important for our staff to experience the extraordinary value in giving.
  • The YMCA annual presents a "HUmanitarian of the Year" award to honor an individual or couple who have made significant contributions in time, talent and treasure to our community.  The exaltation of philanthropic leadership reinforces the value in giving.