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Youth Camps

Hastings YMCA Summer Camps

Something For Everyone!

Volleyball Camp (June 10 & 11)

Campers learn how to bump, set and serve over the net

Soccer Camp (June 24 & 25)

Campers work on kicking, headers and throw ins.

Cheer Camp (July 10 & 11)

Campers learn a variety of cheers and dance moves  

Football Camp (July 15 & 16)

Campers use tackle dummies, aglitity ladders, sliders and much more to enhance their skills on the football field.

Tennis Camp (July 17 & 18)

Campers work on serving and hitting into target over the net

Basketball Boys Camp (July 23 & 24)

Campers work on fundamentals of basketball through drills and fun interactive games.

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