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Programs Offered



CLINICS (Rookies) Soccer   February   April-May 3-4 yrs Boys/Girls
  Blastball   January   May-June 3-5 yrs Coed
  Basketball   August   Oct-Nov 5yrs-Kind Boys/Girls
   Tennis   August   Oct-Nov 2nd-5th Boys/Girls
CLINICS (Basics) Baseball   October   Jan-Feb 6-9 yrs Boys/Girls
  Volleyball    May   Sept 1st -4th Girls
  Basketball    August   Oct-Nov 1st -2nd Boys/Girls
  Tennis    August   Oct-Nov 6th-8th Boys/Girls
LEAGUES (Youth) Baseball          
  T-Ball   March   June-July 5 - 6yrs Coed
  Soccer Spring   January   April-May 5 yrs - 6th Boys/Girls
  Soccer Fall   May   Sept-Oct 5 yrs - 6th Boys/Girls
  Youth Volleyball Spring   January   April-May 3rd-8th Girls
  High School Volleyball   March   June 9th-12th Girls
  Youth Volleyball Fall   May   Sept-Oct 3rd-6th Girls
  Basketball   October   Jan-Feb 3rd-6th Boys/Girls
  High School Basketball   March   June 9th-12th Boys/Girls
  Jr High Girls Basketball   October   Jan-Feb 7th-8th Girls
  Jr High Boys Basketball   August   Nov-Dec 7th-8th Boys
  Youth Flag Football   January   April-May 1st-6th Boys/Girls
  Youth Flag Football   May   Sept-Oct 1st-6th Boys/Girls
LEAGUES (Adult) Soccer          
  Indoor Soccer   October   Jan-Feb 18 years +
  Winter Women's VB   October   Feb-April 18 years +
  Winter  Coed VB   October   Feb-April 18 years +
  Fall Women's Volleyball   July   Sept-Nov 18 years +
  Fall Coed VB   July   Sept-Nov 18 years +
  Winter Men's BB - Tues   October   Feb-April 18 years +
  Fall Men's BB - Tues   July   Sept-Nov 18 years +
  Winter Men's BB - Sun   October   Nov - Feb 18 years +
  Flag Football          
  Indoor Flag Football   October   Jan-Feb 18 years +
  Racquetball   July   Sept-Nov Open
  Tennis   July   Sept-Nov Open
CAMPS (Youth)            
  British Soccer Camp   April   June K-8th Boys/Girls
  Softball Camp   April   May 3rd-8th Girls
  Track Camp   April   June 4th-12th Boys/Girls
  Girls Basketball Camp   April   July  K-8th Girls
  Boys Basketball Camp   April   July  K-8th Boys
  Volleyball Camp   April   July 4th-8th Girls
  Football Camp   April   July K-8th Boys
  Wrestling Camp   April   July K-8th Boys/Girls
  Dance/Cheer Camp   April   July K-8th Girls
  Soccer Camp   April   July K-8th Boys/Girls
  Tennis Camp   April   July K-8th Boys/Girls