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Adult Leagues - Volleyball

The Hastings Family YMCA offers several volleyball leagues. The YMCA hosts two separate divisions for Women’s league: Women’s A and Women’s B. Women’s B is more of a competitive league and games are held on Monday nights. Women’s C is organized for semi-competitive teams and games are held on Tuesday nights. We also provide two Coed divisions: Coed A and Coed B. Coed A is more competitive and is played on Thursday nights. Coed B is semi-competitive and is also played on Thursday nights. Both Women’s and Coed leagues are constructed to register as a team, rather than by participant. These leagues run for 8 weeks, including a single elimination tournamnet. The spring league will begin February 12th and end March 29th. Volleyball leagues are designed to provide an active lifestyle, through sports, in a competitive way. League champions will receive championship t-shirts.

New Rule: Coed A and Women's B will play best of 3 sets to 25. Coed B and Women's C will play automatic 3 sets to 21 and standings will be determined by number of sets won.  

Divisions: Coed A (competitive) and B (recreational), Women's A (competitive) and B (recreational)

Season: 10 week season, including a single elimination tournament

Registration: December 13-February 7

Deadline: February 7th

Season Dates: February 12-April 19

Location: Hastings Family YMCA


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Congratulations to the Fall 2017 champions!

Coed A: Mission Unblockable

Coed B: That's What She Set

Women's B: Good Volley Miss Molly

Women's C: Hastings Physical Therapy