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Age Policy

  • Youth 14 & up have access to all cardio and strength training equipment. We strongly recommend all youth schedule an equipment orientation to ensure proper form and technique while using the equipment. Youth ages 9-13 may utilize 18th Street YMCA Free Weight room while accompanied by an adult.  Those who wish to take advantage of this, acknowledge that the parent and/or guardian over 18 years of age will be within 5 feet of youth at all times.  Parent and/or guardian must sign a liability/agreement form located the front desk.

Sports Wall

  • This interactive 3-panel system will engage the kid in all of us.  Follow the lighting pattern displayed on the panels to focus on gross motor skills while improving your hand-eye coordination.  Don't forget to book a birthday party using this fun gaming system.  Sportswall is located at the 18th Street YMCA, multipurpose court.

Expresso Bike

  • Our Expresso bikes combine a great cardiovascular workout while providing an entertainment quaility.  Choose from over 20 courses or trails to ride or play the dragon game to accumulate the most points.   

Zumba Tomic

A dance-inspiried cardio class with infectious music and easy-to-follow dance moves.  This class is geared to cater to our youth, yet is open to adults to join in the fun!