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Age Policy

  • Effective May 1, 2015 Youth 11-13 years of age must attend a free youth orientation class before allowed access to the wellness areas.  Parent or legal guardian must be present to hear the first 10 minutes of the course.  Courses are offered Sunday March 8, Sunday March 22, Sunday April 12 and Sunday April 19.  Please sign up at the front desk.
  • Youth 11-13 who wish to take the opportunity to be in any wellness area of the facility, acknowledge that the parent and/or guardian over 18 years of age will be within 5 feet of youth at all times while in wellness area.
  • Youth 11-13 will be required to wear a name badge while in the wellness areas.  This will hope to alert other members that you have a parent/guardian with with you, you have attended the youth orientation class, and have been granted access to use the wellness space.
  • 14 & up have access to all cardio and strength training equipment in both YMCA facilities. We strongly recommend all youth schedule an equipment orientation to ensure proper form and technique while using the equipment. 

Sports Wall

  • This interactive 3-panel system will engage the kid in all of us.  Follow the lighting pattern displayed on the panels to focus on gross motor skills while improving your hand-eye coordination.  Don't forget to book a birthday party using this fun gaming system.  Sportswall is located at the 18th Street YMCA, multipurpose court.