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Many Thanks

Chandra D., Hastings

Me and my family have been members of the YMCA for many years and have enjoyed using the facilities and participating in many of the activities. My husband and I have coached many, many of the youth soccer teams and basketball teams - it was so much fun to help teach those who wanted to play, as well as watch the children grow and develop in the seasons we spent together. As wonderful as those experiences were, this is not where my story begins. I fell ill almost three years ago, critically ill two years ago. I have met many doctors and specialists, have had many surgeries, and have taken my share of medications since then. I was almost ready to give up hope of ever leading a normal life when I decided that I would give one more thing a try - personal training. That decision to pick up the phone changed my life. I was so excited when Jacque, my new angel, called me. After asking her a few questions and talking about what I should expect, I wondered if I was going to be able to make it through this new experience. She said that my warm up would be to run a mile - ARE YOU KIDDING ME - I haven't been able to breathe right in two years!!!!!! To even think about running anything when I had trouble walking to the car or walking up and down stairs - the word terrified doesn't even explain what I was feeling. I was scared to death, but something inside told me that I needed to take this opportunity. It was a great decision. Jacque worked with me, very patiently in the beginning, and now she enjoys kicking my butt twice a week :). I am currently in my third session with Jacque. Together, she has helped me reach my main goal of not having to be on any more meds. I also had a repeat scan completed in May, and it looked good - my lungs are healing!!!! She has also helped me to take off the prednisone weight I had put on and now is helping me get back into shape so that I can spend active time with my family. There are no words to explain the appreciation I have for the time that Jacque has invested in me, as well as for the YMCA for providing the services and activities that truly change peoples lives. Again, many, many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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