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Love One Another

Frontier Home Medical,

There is nothing impossible to him who will try -Alexander the Great

I was covering the front desk at 16th St. one morning when a man in a wheelchair came into the Y. The odd thing about the man was that he was going backwards in his wheelchair. He could not go forward. After witnessing him struggling to get around.  I asked if I could help him. He explained to me that his wheelchair was broken and would fall apart if he went forward. Since he was coming to the Y to shower (he lives at Crossroads and they do not have handicap accessible shower for him) he stated that the Y was the best place to suit his needs. I contacted Crossroads about this gentleman and found out that they could not locate a wheelchair that would work for him. So I asked if I could help. I immediately began calling numerous organizations in the area for assistance. I finally located a wheelchair that will work properly. Gwen was kind enough to share this wonderful news with this individual in need. Gwen stated he was very pleased to hear the great news. The company is out of Grand Island and plans to donate and deliver the wheelchair to us for free. I feel honored that I was able to help this man and that it was the YMCA that had an impact on making a difference in his life!

Melody Bailey, Membership Experience Director

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