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Do you have your own YMCA story? Share it with us.

Love One Another

  • Frontier Home Medical
There is nothing impossible to him who will try -Alexander the Great I was covering the front desk at 16th St. one morning when a man in a wheelchair came into the Y. The odd thing about the man was that he was going backwards in his wheelchair. He could not go forward. Read More...

Mom, Writer and Soccer Coach

  • Kris V
  • Hastings
I am a mom, writer, and have recently added YMCA Soccer Coach to my list of titles. If you have ever enrolled kids in the YMCA youth sports programs, more than likely you’ve been asked to coach or help coach, but like me, have relied on others to fill the position. Read More...

Silver Sneakers

  • May R
  • Hastings
I have been going to the Y for years, but since retirement, I have been attending Y- Silver Sneakers, Y-Silver Sneakers Cardio and Y-Aquacise Classes four or five times a week. I am stronger, more flexible and my blood cholesterol (the good kind) has gone up. My doctor is pleased. Read More...

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