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anonymous S., Hastings

The YMCA membership program personally means to our family that we would be able to make our potential physical health a physical fitness reality. My 16 year old son & I were recently diagnosed with diabetes and we were both placed on blood pressure medication. I feel at fault for my son’s lack of motivation and self-discipline. After speaking with the membership coordinator at the YMCA, I felt like I will get the support we need at your facility. Everyone was very pleasant and it has inspired us to get a membership there. We would get on the right track with this scholarship as we have limited income being a single mother! Our anticipation and expectation through the YMCA membership is that it will make possible the encouragement of our children’s social responsibility and youth development by participating in several recreational activities. These activities would include youth soccer, youth t-ball, and youth basketball, as well as several other rookie clinic camps in order that they may become better athletes. Through these activities our inspiration at the competitive level is that children learn teamwork skills and discipline. As scripture indicates, “Let Us Run With Perseverance the race that Is Set Before Us…” (Hebrews 11 and 12:1,2) Through the YMCA membership, our family will be able to finish the race with perseverance together. Thank You!

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