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The Hastings Y has a rich history, which began in 1881, as one of the first YMCAs in the state of Nebraska. Our first location consisted of two upstairs rooms in downtown Hastings, and membership was open only to men. A two-story brick facility was built at 214 North Lincoln in 1885, and later renovated in 1925. 

Women joined our ranks in the 1950s, paving the way for many new activities. Our 16th Street location was opened in 1980, and in 2005, we merged with Champions Sports & Recreation, and our 18th Street Y location was realized.

The Hastings Y has undergone enormous change throughout the years, but our mission of improving the quality of life in our community through good health, confident kids, and strong families remains the same.

We accomplish this through a wide variety of programs and activities devoted to youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. We believe good health is more than physical fitness; it is a careful balance of positive youth experiences, sports and recreation classes and programs designed to promote a healthy lifestyle, and plenty of opportunities to interact socially and become engaged in the community.